Orange, Black Pepper & Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Scent Block 60g

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Keep your glovebox, cupboards, drawers or any other small space smelling cheerful and uplifting with this versatile aromatherapy scent block.


To refresh the fragrance from our unique blend of Orange, Black Pepper & Ylang Ylang essential oils, simply scratch the back of the scent block through the convenient keyhole panel in the back of the packaging.


This unique spicy floral & exotic fruity blend can help amplify feelings of balance, focus, happiness, gratitude and grace. Also recommended to help ease anxiety, irritability and clear a room of unwanted everyday aromas.


  • Satin cord for hanging in cupboard or on rear view mirror

  • Made from all-natural Australian ingredients and a therapeutic blend of pure essentials oils

  • Designed, printed and hand crafted in Australia

  • Up to 6 months scent throw when scratched regularly to refresh fragrance

  • High quality textured packaging featuring original artwork by local Perth artist Ruth Devos